What is a Day Collar?

What is a Day Collar?


Introducing the Emblem of Contemporary Empowerment and Fashionable Flair

In the ever-changing world of personal fashion, where old and new come together, the day collar stands out as a meaningful symbol.

It's symbolic of the past and the present—a token from its roots in BDSM communities now worn by people from all walks of life.

No longer just a fashion statement—it’s a symbol of empowerment, a declaration of power and personal identity.

We don’t just design leather BDSM accessories at Neon Coyotes. We craft bespoke pieces that serve as instruments for personal expression, with an added touch of high fashion and a hint of kink.

Understanding Day Collars

Definition and Description

So, what's are day collars? Well, they’re a far cry from the stereotypical BDSM collars that are typically worn in very specific—shall we say "kinky"?—contexts. Those often signify a power dynamic. But day collars? They’re made for everyday wear, allowing you to keep that personal touch with you always.

Historical Context and Cultural Significance

The history of BDSM collars is deeply rooted in symbols of trust and commitment within the BDSM community. By transforming this potent symbol into a wearable and stylish accessory suitable for daily life, day collars allow wearers to celebrate their identities without compromising on style or comfort.

This adaptation makes the powerful meanings behind these collars accessible in everyday settings, enabling wearers to make a powerful statement - without saying a word.

Woman wearing yellow leather day collar with gold hardward
Orbit Day Collar in Golden Hour

The Rise in Popularity

Factors Driving Popularity

Kink-wear is more common in pop culture than you might think; from high-fashion catwalks (think Balmain's full latex suits or Mugler's 90s couture) to musicians (think: Sex Pistols or even Labrinth's Coachella 2023 dom daddy get-up), fetish-wear has been on public display even before pin-up girls wore corsets and garters. These displays of fetish-wear in pop-culture give permission to be daring or live out some part of a fantasy. Have you or someone you know worn a choker? Think of day collars as the choker's freaky-chic cousin.

Day collars are not only for those in a BDSM relationship, but for anyone who wants to express their style and identity. They’ve been embraced by those who appreciate their beauty and functionality.

And here's the interesting part: social media is exploding with influential people flaunting just how versatile and chic day collars can be, which is helping to make them the norm in everyday style.


Day collars are for everyone—from young adults to seasoned fashion enthusiasts to a sub who wants to feel committed to their dom/domme outside the home, or even someone with a rebellious spirit. It's this widespread appeal that really sets a day collar apart. It's for people in the sub/dom lifestyle and fashion enthusiasts. It's for anyone who wants to add a little touch of their own personal style to their daily look.

Neon Coyotes is all about celebrating our differences and making sure that everyone feels like they can find something that’s perfect for them. I really believe that fashion should be gender non-conforming and inclusive of all sizes, too. 

Fashion and Style

Integrating with Everyday Fashion

The great thing about adding a day collar to your everyday look is that you get to show off your style in a unique way. They're so sleek and subtle that you can make a statement anywhere, whether you're grabbing coffee with friends, bringing your edgy style to work, or even adding it as an accent to formal wear. As I like to say, "Take it from the boardroom, to the bedroom."

At Neon Coyotes, we’re into day collars that are all about being minimalist, yet bold and versatile. They can totally be the star of a pared-back-but-cool look, or just the right amount of chill to an all-out glam vibe. 

Customization and Personal Expression

Treat yourself with our full-grain Italian leather day collars, available in a rainbow of colors. It's not just about top-notch quality and craftsmanship; it's also an opportunity to showcase your personal style. While we do have our seasonal drops with specially picked colors and designs, we're totally open to custom orders, no matter the time of year. Take a peek at our custom orders page.

Each collar is so much more than just a collar; it’s an opportunity to show the world who you are through the lens of high fashion. Need something completely unique? We also offer custom, one-of-a-kind day collars made just for you!

woman holding multiple day colors in bright colors from Neon Coyotes


Symbolism and Empowerment

Personal and Social Empowerment

I find wearing my day collar to be an incredibly empowering experience. Not only does it allow me to make a public statement about my lifestyle and relationships, but it also serves as a private reminder of the self-respect and autonomy that I value so highly.

Wearing a day collar can be a powerful declaration of self, and I love that idea. It’s a signal to the world that you’re proud of who you are and what you stand for. You’re not hiding; you were made to be seen.

Public Perception and Reactions

It’s interesting to see how people react when I wear my day collar in public. Some stare, curious about what it signifies, while others admire it as a unique and intriguing accessory.

I believe that by pulling back the curtain and sharing our own stories, we can help the world understand the real meaning behind our personal totems. It’s a conversation worth having, and it’s so important to build a community where we can celebrate and honor each other’s choices. Join the dialogue and share your thoughts with #neoncoyotes on social media.

Considerations and Etiquette

Choosing the Right Collar

Choosing a day collar is a personal journey that involves a lot of thought about how it will fit into your life and style, and what it means to you.

That’s where Neon Coyotes comes in. I’m here to craft you the perfect day collar, one that’s as unique and vibrant as you are.  Our day collars are the epitome of luxury. They’re made from top-notch, full-grain luxury Italian leather that’s seriously top-of-the-line. It’s not just about looking good (although they do, obvi 💅🏼)—it’s about making a lasting investment in something that’s built to last.

Whether you want something that blends in or stands out, Neon Coyotes is there to guide you in finding the perfect match.

Are day collars only for subs?

The short answer is no. While day collars for subs may be worn as a proclamation of ownership in dom/sub culture, it's become a popular accessory to add edge to an outfit or a subtle nod to one's lifestyle. That said, a day collar for a dom or domme, is appropriate since whomever assigns meaning is the one wearing the collar.




Etiquette and Privacy

Day collars are more than a cute accessory; they're a personal expression that can mean a lot to the person wearing one. If you’ve got questions about someone’s day collar, make sure to approach the topic with respect and consent. Open up a conversation in a way that's considerate & kind - and keep in mind that not everyone might want to chat about it. Consent and respect ALWAYS.


Day collars from Neon Coyotes are more than accessories. They're how I celebrate my freedom, wear my courage, and express my style. Because breaking the rules and redefining what's normal is beautiful. I invite you to join me and explore what a day collar could mean to you.

I say, lean into your unique vibe, and be a part of us as we shake up BDSM-inspired fashion and how we express ourselves. Come take a peek at our latest batch of day collars, connect with our tribe, and experience the confidence that Neon Coyotes' day collars can bring.


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