Made to be seen

Neon Coyotes is where luxury meets liberation. We redefine the boundaries of style with our playful, statement pieces designed to be worn beyond closed doors. Breaking free from from traditional BDSM wear, our collection is a vibrant celebration of self-expression and empowerment.

  • Responsible Leather

    At Neon Coyotes, we only partner with Leather Working Group (LWG) certified leather suppliers who are committed to building a sustainable future with responsible leather.

  • Inclusivity + Consent

    Neon Coyotes is a kink-friendly, LGBTQ-friendly, BIPOC and female-owned company based in sunny Silver Lake, CA. We value authenticity, consent, inclusivity and community.

  • Empowerment Anywhere

    Feeling sexy and empowered shouldn't be taboo or locked behind closed doors. Each Neon Coyotes piece is meant to be worn and seen anywhere, so you can be your true self - wherever you go.

BDSM collars and cuffs meant to empower.


Neon Coyotes was born out of a series of gifts.✨ The first gift was being let go from a corporate gig. The second gift was literally a gift from my husband on our wedding day - a gorgeous coral-colored leather collar.

Both events were symbols of freedom. The former is more obvious, the latter may not be. If there’s one thing you should take-away from BDSM sub-culture, it’s that the collar is actually the antithesis of what many assume it to be. It’s love, care, respect, and requires a tremendous amount of trust, consent, and open-mindedness.

Above all, it’s empowering.🙌 An influential instrument bestowing power to the one wearing it. It’s an honor to be collared, whether by you or someone else. Whether you choose to retain that power while wearing it, or choose to give it away - well, that choice is yours. And choice is freedom

On that note, you may choose to wear bondage only to compliment your edgy style. I know I wanted to create something inclusive of different tastes - a line of vibrant, playful (but elevated!), statement pieces that are designed to be seen. Pieces in hues that transcend the sea of same (read: black, red, and purple leather from every sex shop). I wanted something that would add beauty to the world through quality craftsmanship and responsibly sourced materials.

Trust me, I get that leather bondage wear isn’t for everybody, but if you have a rebellious spirit or refined taste, then Neon Coyotes might be for you?

🧷 Maybe you’re a former punk-rocker who now has an employer-backed 401k…

🖤 or someone who wears black 24/7 and wants a pop of color around the collar…

👁‍🗨 or maybe you don’t know a damn thing about BDSM but you’re curious…

💅🏼 or maybe you just want to stand out from the pack and luxury Italian leather has been calling your name...

Then,’ve come to the right place.


Jen J.


BDSM collars and cuffs - handcrafted with love.

Handcrafted with precision and passion, Neon Coyotes specializes in full grain vegetable-tanned Italian leather that stands as a testament to both quality and sustainability.

Each of our luxurious leather pieces are adorned with durable nickel, for a bold aesthetic and resilience for every adventure you embark upon.

Unleash (or leash) your true self in a Neon Coyotes piece.

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