Hi, I'm J.J.

Founder, Neon Coyotes

Like you, I couldn't find the perfect leather collar. What was available was indistinguishable from one brand to the next, or worse, mass-produced and sitting in a warehouse waiting to be drop-shipped. How could something that was supposed to be so meaningful, like a collar, come from a soulless place?

That’s when Neon Coyotes was born – a line of vibrant, playful (but elevated!) statement pieces designed for the bedroom and beyond. Pieces in hues that transcend the sea of sameness (read: black, red, and purple leather from every sex shop). I wanted something that would add beauty to the world through quality craftsmanship and responsibly sourced materials.

Like you, Neon Coyotes was made to be seen.

Take a peak at our process below 👇

Everything is handmade

Sure we could pump out widgets like the other guys, but we don’t leave sacred work to the machines.

We hand make every. single. order.

The pieces are designed in Los Angeles, hand-started in Europe, and hand-finished in Los Angeles.

100% Full-Grain Italian Leather

We only use full-grain Italian leather, THE highest quality leather available.

Unlike synthetics or lesser quality leathers, it has a thicker more luxurious feel, it’s breathable (perfect for those who live that collared sub-life 24/7!) and instead of deteriorating, it becomes softer and more supple over time.

We finish our pieces with Italian hardware that’s as beautiful as it is durable.

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Customize your gear in any size

People come in all sizes and colors, isn’t it time that BDSM Fashion does too?

Our custom order widget makes it quick and easy to order gear in your size, preferred color, and even customized with a personal logo or custom lettering.

Customize Your Gear

Every package is ready to gift

Presentation matters. That’s why every Neon Coyotes detail is dialed in from the high-quality materials down to the wax stamp. Our unboxing experience is sure to delight, whether it’s for you or someone else.

We always ship discreetly, in unmarked boxes, for your privacy. You can even add a custom note at no extra cost.

Oh, and it's eco-friendly too.

Sustainable practices. Period.

Our leather is sourced from certified Leather Working Group (LWG) suppliers and tanneries; ensuring that we do our part in adhering to strict environmental regulations, sustainable practices and minimizing harm to the environment.

We also take immense pride in using vegetable tanned leather which means no chemicals on your skin. Ever.

Committed to our values

Neon Coyotes is a kink-friendly, LGBTQ-friendly, BIPOC and female-owned company based in sunny Silver Lake, CA.

We value authenticity, consent, inclusivity and community. We pride ourselves in being a size-inclusive brand. If you don’t see your size, we’ll make it for you.